Crack a choc top

Scene it: 2013

Put down that popcorn and throw your Jaffas down the aisle. For me, sinking into a cinema seat is synonymous with choosing a choctop. My sweet tooth demands it!

And although I know that no matter what I’m wearing I will not escape finding a chunk of chocolate stuck to my clothing, I still want my choctop. While others may hoover down salty popcorn or savoury bites, I choose to chomp down, crack through and crunch out.

These are some of my pairings this year:

        1. Les Misérables – chocolate
        2. Argo – chocolate honey nougat
        3. Silver Linings Playbook – caramel honey macadamia
        4. Gangster Squad – boysenberry
        5. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom – banana (possibly, memory=sieve)
        6. Django Unchained – tiramisu
        7. North by Northwest – mango blizzard (limited edition)
        8. Promised Land – cafe grandé
        9. Hyde Park on the Hudson – cookies and cream
        10. Kon-Tiki – chocolate obsession
        11. Rust & Bone – cafe grandé
        12. Camille Rewinds – blueberry cheesecake
        13. Star Trek Into Darkness – caramel honey nougat
        14. The Reluctant Fundamentalist – baileys and almonds
        15. The Shining (extended version) – spearmint chocolate
        16. The Rep – iced coffee
        17. To The Wonder – tiramisu
        18. Before Midnight – shock horror NO choc top
        19. Melbourne International Film Festival – eleven fillums – yet sadly, only one cafe grande
        20. Frances Ha – choc honeycomb nougat
        21. Blue Jasmine – NO choc top (WHAT IS HAPPENING?), pinot noir instead
        22. Kill Your Darlings – baileys and almonds
        23. Night Train to Lisbon – chocolate
        24. The Desolation of Smaug – choc honey nougat
        25. American Hustle – butterscotch
        26. Blues Brothers – orange whip
DISCLAIMER: In the interests of fellow cinephiles and my sweet tooth, cracking and/or crunching is usually confined to the movie previews and/or the first few minutes of the main film screening.

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