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On writing

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

Stephen King

After too many recommendations to ignore any longer, I’ve bought Stephen King’s book On Writing. Whether you are a fan of his work or not, On Writing is a fascinating and practical look at what it means to be a writer. King states early that it’s not an autobiography but rather a Curriculum Vitae of how one writer was formed.

I’m finding it an accessible and easy read because of his approach. It is part memoir and part guide to writing — full of writing tips, personal insights and even a recommended reading list. Best of all, it’s given me fresh motivation to keep going with my kinda, sorta novel.

But while the creative fictional juices are flowing, On Writing hasn’t quite helped me get started blogging any sooner. Dipping into the blogosphere becomes one ginormous whirl of words, witticisms and wonder. I’m not sure if I’m still scared or really, just overwhelmed by having another platform to perform on. Splitting time between desks and online spaces, I’m feeing a little overstretched.

A quick tally and so far, I’m juggling writing:

for work

on a novel

musings in my diary

140 characters or less on Twitter

postings on Pinterest

captions on Instagram

updates on Facebook

comments on blogs

and a fresh stab at WordPress.

And now of course, I really need to finish the book.

So when it comes to being ON for writing, maybe I also need to try switching OFF?